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Nilamayé : Flowers of the Sun.

For the Baruya people of Papua New Guinea, the Tsimia is a large ceremonial house which represents and embodies the tribe. The pillar in the middle is called "grandfather", and the Tsimia, which is the house of men of all villages and lineages regardless of their clans, materialises their coming-together. On the top stand four or five pieces of shaven wood pointing towards the four compass points called “Nilamayé” meaning Flowers (mayé) of the Sun (Nil). For the Baruya, the Sun-God is the supernatural father of everyone regardless of their gender or social class. The sun is connected with everyone and bestows strength, energy and primordial fire to men.

Godelier, Maurice 1982. La production de Grands homes. Pouvoir et domination masculine chez les Baruya de Nouvelle-Guinée Paris: Fayard.


Nilamayé is a group of Afrocolombian music. Its repertoire derives from music related to sea and river water and is synonymous with life, joy and cultural blending. Through the soft exuberance of the voices, the warm velvet sounds of the chonta marimbas, the deep humming of the cununos and bombos, the brightness of the guasas and maracas and the rhythmic liveliness of the alegre drum, Nilmayé shares with the listeners the "contagious joy" of the Colombian peoples..  



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